Tool Type

Data Collection Software


R package



The Problem

Very often researchers want to randomize parts of a survey in sometimes very complex manners, with all different kinds of question structures. While there exists at present some techniques for doing so on electronic tablets, there are no automated methods for generating randomized survey experiments in PDF format to be printed for distribution on paper. Moreover, the methods that do exist do not allow for arbitrary randomization schemes.

The Solution

SurveyBuilder is a work in progress that I designed for my survey with the Bougainville Police Service in Papua New Guinea. It is a package for creating surveys in PDF format using R, and can accomodate a range of in-built and custom randomization schemes. It also makes the generation and numbering of survey modules and questions much easier and quicker than manual PDF methods. SurveyBuilder compiles surveys in the LaTeX environmet, using the paperandpencil package, designed by Miriam Dieter & Anja Zwingenberger at University of Duisburg-Essen in 2009, [see here for more details](